Boarding Consent Form

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We require that pets who stay at McCormick Animal Clinic have current vaccinations administered by a licensed veterinarian. If proof of vaccinations is not submitted at admission, we will be happy to call another veterinary hospital to confirm the dates. If confirmation cannot be obtained (including lost or inactivated records), we will vaccinate the pet(s) and you will be financially responsible.

Is your pet on a special diet or are you leaving food for your pet?
Is your pet on medication or are you leaving any medicine for your pet?
Does your pet need any vaccinations or lab work performed?
Are there any other services you wish to have performed while your pet is in our care?
If you have more than one pet, would you like them in the same run?
Would you like your pet to be bathed or dipped before leaving the hospital?

Please provide the date and the approximate time you will be picking up your pet:

If your pet becomes ill while boarding or any problems arise from previous illnesses, the condition will be treated as the doctors deem necessary. We will try to contact you if the condition is serious. All costs of diagnosis and treatment are your responsibility and payable in full when the pet is released from the hospital unless prior arrangements have been made.