Meet Our Team

Dr. Hilary McCormick

Dr. Hilary is a second-generation veterinarian since May 2015. She was born in the Donelson area of Nashville, TN, and graduated from the University of Tennessee (Go Vols!). She graduated with honors from the Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine. She grew up with her father, Dr. John McCormick, as a veterinarian and knew she wanted to follow a similar path. Her favorite thing about working with animals is that veterinary medicine is like detective work. Since animals can not speak for themselves, you have to find clues through owner history, physical exam, and tests to try to crack the case and help the pets. Dr. Hilary loves seeing the relationship between the pet and pet parents grow and thrive by keeping them healthy. She also loves the puppy kisses that she receives daily at work.

Although the work is difficult and the hours are long, Dr. Hilary wakes up in the morning and is excited to see what new challenges are waiting for the day! Aside from your typical veterinary medicine, she is particularly interested in internal medicine cases, soft tissue surgeries, and preventative care.

Dr. Hilary lives with her long-term boyfriend, Adam, as well as 4 dogs, 3 cats, and 2 turtles. She is a boxer lover as there is nothing that brightens your day as much as an excited boxer kiss, slobber and all! She also enjoys going to the lake, having backyard barbecues with cornhole and bonfires, and taking her furbabies out for walks!

Dr. John McCormick

Dr. McCormick graduated with honors from Tuskegee University in 1983. After vet school, he worked as an associate veterinarian for 6 years before opening McCormick Animal Clinic in 1989. Since then, the clinic has grown to 2 more veterinarians, 3 receptionists, 4 technicians and 2 kennel personnel. Dr. McCormick loves the challenge of veterinary medicine and seeing his patients happy and well.


Customer Service Representative

Bridget is one of the first smiling faces you will see when you come into the clinic. She has been with McCormick Animal Clinic for 14 years. As a teenager, she brought her pets to Dr. McCormick and decided she would like to work with us.



Christy has been a receptionist since February 12, 2020.

She’s from a small city in Southeast Missouri, where she went to college for Archaeology. Christy moved to Nashville at the end of 2019 to help a family member.

Christy got her first job at a veterinary hospital in 2010, they were advertising for a part-time kennel position at the university she was attending. She worked her way up to being the kennel/boarding manager and stayed with them for eight years. She really enjoyed working hands-on with the pets, learning their personalities, and being able to give them love while their owners couldn’t.

She knew she was in the right profession when she realized she had a special touch with scared or snappy dogs.

Christy’s family is fairly small: mom, aunt, and a couple of cousins. Outside of work, she enjoys museums, going to the zoo, and taking pictures of nature.



Sierra, our resident cat lady, has been working in the veterinary field since 2008. She has since received her degree in veterinary technology and is a licensed veterinary technician. Her family consists of 2 dogs, 7 cats, reptiles, and fish. She will treat your furry family member as her own.


Veterinary Assistant

Jessica was born and raised in Nashville and came to us in 2018. She was awarded her Approved Veterinary Assistant designation by the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) when she studied at Penn Foster College in 2020. She has loved every type of animal her whole life and has childhood photos to prove it! Her own pets were the reason she wanted to start working with animals and wanting to learn more about animal care and giving her babies the happiest, healthiest lives.

She knew she was in the right field when she was happy with waking up early to go to work and knew she was going somewhere important instead of just an office. She feels that her career is not only important to her but also to the animals that need her, which is a rewarding feeling.

Outside of work, Jessica runs a videography business and often takes her camera out on nature walks and road-tripping to film nature videos.


Veterinary Assistant

Cassandra has been with our clinic since 2014 and is currently attending Middle Tennessee State University for a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. She plans to go to veterinary school with an emphasis on wildlife conservation. Cassandra has always surrounded herself with animals growing up. She had dreams of pursuing a career in Veterinary Medicine as a child. Later on in life, that dream resurfaced. Her favorite thing about working with animals is witnessing a suffering animal make small steps of improvement, providing them comfort during that time, and ultimately better with a newfound personality and energy. Cassandra knew she was in the right profession when she wanted to continuously learn outside of work. Every day brings new and exciting challenges and nothing else makes her happier than understanding and helping animals.

She is the mom to her Pomeranian (Kaiser), her two cats (Angel and Grace), and a fish (P. Sherman). During her personal time, she loves to travel the world, practice yoga, and volunteer (specifically at a farm sanctuary caring for a rescued pig named Henry).


Kennel Technician

Kelley joined the clinic in October 2019. She was originally born and raised in Nashville and had taken and passed animal science classes all throughout high school. She always had a love for helping animals, even dressing up as a veterinarian for her first career day. Her favorite thing about working with animals is being able to come in and meet new furry friends every day! Kelley always has a good feeling when an animal is excited to see her and it reminds her how special it is to work and be able to create bonds with the animals.


Kennel Technician

Patrick was born and raised in Tennesse and was inspired by his mother, who was a nurse all his life and he enjoyed learning medicine from her. He also enjoyed learning about the many different types of animals as a child, which is what led him to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. His favorite thing about his work is helping to heal sick animals and learning more every day. He knew he was in the right profession after seeing returning dogs and cats be more comfortable and happy than when they originally came in. Seeing their smiling faces makes him feeling that he made them comfortable in a new environment.

When Patrick is not at work, he likes spending his time reading, swimming, and spending time with family.